Interaction through intramurals shows Colonel Pride

Intramurals are a great way to stay in shape and meet some great people by bonding and having fun while playing sports.

What are intramurals?

They are a chance for students to get with their friends and assemble teams to play two games a week during the fall or spring semesters. This semester, the intramural sports are indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball and floor hockey.

“This is my second year being the Intramural Coordinator, and comparing this spring’s turnout to last spring’s turnout, there has been an even greater interest level and way more participation than the fall semester,” said Stefan Thompson, director of intramurals and assistant coach of the men’s basketball team.

Each year, the intramural offerings, especially in the spring semester, keep drawing more people in, with indoor soccer and basketball being the most popular sports among the students.

Sophomore accounting major Brian Schumaker, who is currently participating in intramural basketball, said, “I didn’t get a chance to play last year, but playing this year has been really fun because I get to spend time with my friends and make new ones along the way. Also, it is a nice get away from being in class and doing work all the time.”

Part of the reason why there have been so many students participating in intramurals is the fact that now, students who play a varsity sport on campus can still play that same sport on an intramural team. For example, a member of the men’s or women’s soccer team also has a chance to play indoor soccer, despite playing the sport on the varsity division 3 level.

With this change, it allows equal opportunity for all students without restricting certain student-athletes and makes it more fun and competitive as a result.

Sophomore wrestler Bilal Bici said, “After wrestling is over I am never really sure what to do besides lift. Being able to play soccer is a fun way for me to stay in shape during the offseason.”

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from intramurals is that they are a great way for students to make connections and meet new people. Oftentimes students’ relationships are limited, perhaps only interacting in the classroom or the dining hall; intramurals give students another outlet to get to know one another.

When asked if more students should play, Thompson said, “Absolutely! The greater the turnout of students, the more avenues of interaction are created, and I believe it builds a greater sense of Wilkes University pride and togetherness.”

Junior Marcellus Hayes participates in an intramural game of basketball this past  Wednesday night.
Junior Marcellus Hayes participates in an intramural game of basketball this past
Wednesday night.