Jared Powell: Leading by example on and off the field

Senior student-athlete Jared Powell is defensive back for the Wilkes football team who has worked hard for all of his accomplishments.

Some of those accomplishments include being named to the MAC weekly football Honor Roll, honorable mention selection for the All-MAC football teams, and being named MVP of the Mayor’s Cup against King’s College by totaling 4 tackles, an interception, and taking back a 48 yard fumble to the endzone in that game as the colonels went on to win 24-17.

Powell grew up in Plainfield, NJ, with his five siblings, moved to the northeastern Pennsylvania area when he was in seventh grade, and has lived here ever since.

“Plainfield, New Jersey, is definitely not the best place to grow up, but it has helped mold me into the person I am today,” said Powell.

The best way Powell knew how to make friends was by playing football. Even though he said how he missed his friends from NJ, playing football made the transition from moving to Pa. much easier.  His parents, who are both huge football fanatics, were the ones that got him into football.

Even though he eventually decided to play football in college, at one point Powell was also playing basketball, wrestling, track, and baseball because of his father. He credits the other sports with helping teach him life lessons.

“I lead the defensive backs. They’re all my brothers and I’m like a big brother to them. That just transfers into the real world because it helped me develop leadership skills,” said Powell.

When asked about some of the biggest changes from freshman to senior year, Powell noted how he was grandfathered into the role of being the leader of the defensive backs. Starting halfway into his sophomore year, the role grew him into the leader he is today.

He had no choice, it was just given to him and had to lead right away. Mentoring the young freshmen and sophomore defensive backs was something he took upon himself, along with his other senior teammates, to help out the underclassmen — because he was in their shoes not too long ago.

Along with helping his younger teammates on the field, Powell’s has words of advice for underclassmen who are balancing being a student while playing a sport.

“Definitely stick with it. It’s definitely going to get hard, it is going to get tough. You have to find the time to get your work done and just sticking with it because you’re here, the hardest part is getting here.”   

After it is all said and done, some of Powell’s plans after completing college includes giving coaching a shot. He is getting a degree in communication studies with a focus in broadcast and public relations. Powell wants to be a sports broadcaster, but is currently leaning toward the public relations side to get his foot in the door. He hopes he can coach while doing that, but he will be seeking a full-time job in the public relations field.

Powell alongside President Leahy and head coach Trey Brown accepting the MVP award after the victorious win against King’s this past Saturday.
Powell alongside President Leahy and head coach Trey Brown accepting the MVP award after the victorious win against King’s this past Saturday.