Do attractive people have advantages others do not?

As a child, if you wanted something to go your way, you would just throw a temper tantrum. Unfortunately for adults, this does not hold true, unless you are attractive.

Attractiveness is something that is held in high regard, especially in American society with things like modeling reality shows, the popularity of acne and make-up products, and many other examples.

So what is seen as attractive? According to Business Insider, high cheekbones, fuller lips, big eyes, and a thin chin are associated with sexiness in women, whereas a big jaw and broad chin are preferred in men.

The simple question to be answered is: Do attractive people have advantages others do not? Simply put, the answer is yes.

The advantages that attractive people have is proven through science.

According to Psychology Today, we tend to attribute a number of positive characteristics to attractive people. Also, we perceive them to be more competent, happier, and more successful than the general population.

These characteristics associated with attractive people has become somewhat of a norm.

As a result, people that do not see themselves as attractive resort to things like getting acne products for clearer skin, starting a diet to lose weight, and even going as far as getting plastic surgery to alter their physical appearance.

If gaining advantages just by having a pleasant physical appearances is something that can get you further in life, can you blame people that would want that?

One advantage attractive people have according to Business Insider is that beautiful people are more persuasive.

This fact is proven to be true through the saying “handsome devil.”

A term that has gone hand in hand because the term “handsome” refers to physical attractiveness, while the term “devil” relates to an evil figure known for its persuasive capabilities.

A real life example in which attractive people are more persuasive is in job interviews, a situation in which an attractive individual can use their sex appeal, increasing their chances of landing a job over someone that is less attractive but may be more qualified.

For men in particular, one aspect that as seen as extremely attractive is how tall he is.

According to Psychology Today, in a study conducted by Daniel Nettle of the Open University in Great Britain, it showed that the taller men were, the less likely they were to be single or childless, concluding that taller men are deemed more sexually attractive and more likely to find a mate.

The trend of women preferring taller guys is something that I have recently noticed through social media, especially Twitter. I believe the fascination for taller men is something that has developed over time because nowadays, it seems like the upcoming generations of males seem to be getting bigger and bigger than ever before.

Another perceived advantage of attractive people is that they are more likeable and trustworthy. According to Business Insider, beautiful people are typically treated better by others.

In a study from Harvard University, researchers found that wearing makeup, shown to enhance a woman’s attractiveness,  boosted people’s perceptions of that subject’s competence, likability, attractiveness, and trustworthiness.

The main advantage that attractive people have that others do not is that it is easier for them to find a mate. This reason alone is why I believe people strive to look their best, especially for people who do not view themselves as being attractive.

Attractiveness is something that can get you further in life, and make it easier to find a mate, but if all someone has is looks without any talent, how far can they really go?