59th Annual Grammy Awards

The 59th annual Grammy Awards took place and this year the show touched on a lot more than just music.

When it comes to musical award shows they follow the same format. Popular artists do live performances, celebrities give out awards and a host cracks jokes the whole night.

This year’s Grammys were anything but average.

As for why the awards show was so entertaining, there was music history made and it also touched on political and social issues.

Aside from Beyoncé’s record nine Grammy nominations, the star of the night was Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper. He won three Grammys, including the most coveted Grammy in the rap industry Best Rap Album.

What was so special about Chance winning that award in particular is because his album, The Coloring Book, was a stream-only album, meaning that the album was free and had no actual hard copies. Along with that accomplishment, he also became the first artist to win a Grammy without being signed to a label, which has now opened the door for other independent artists.

His biggest hit off the album, “No Problem,” is about how he is fed up with so many record labels trying to sign him.

Chance was not the only one to make a statement. Busta Rhymes, another rapper who has been rapping since the early 90s, referred to current U.S. president Donald Trump as “agent orange” during his performance with Grammy nominated rapper Anderson Paak and legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest.

What was unique about the performance besides Busta Rhymes’ comment was when the rappers had people of different cultures walk down in two rows toward the stage to speak out against the “Muslim Ban” put in place by President Trump. The song performed was reminiscent of another legendary rap group, Public Enemy, who were famous for making records about social injustices.

Another social injustice that has been an issue in the U.S. has been with women’s rights. Women have had a more difficult time getting the same treatment with male-dominated industries, but that has been overcome in the music business.

Women standing up for each other and recognizing each other’s talent was shown when Adele won the coveted album of the year Grammy, she chose to share her adoration of Beyoncé and mention how Beyoncé’s album Lemonade should have won because it was so great. Beyoncé then proceeded to embrace Adele in her arms with a giant hug.