New year, same resolutions

Andre Spruell , Opinion Co-Editor

A new year brings about a change in the actual year, but it also brings about optimism in people.

“New Year New Me!”

This is a quote often seen on the different platforms on social media as the previous year comes to an end.
Many people tend to become optimistic as they reflect on the low points of last year and try to better themselves to ring in the new year. Starting a new year is seen as an opportunity to start over because after all, it is the start of a new year.

The most common new year resolution that gets ridiculed is getting that gym membership to shed some pounds but that often does not last long for most people.
Even more common is starting that new diet for a week only to just give up on it, starting a cycle of continuously attempting to start a habit that is hard to maintain.
While people who claim the “New Year New Me” attitude often get ridiculed, there are a large number of people who actually pull through with those new resolutions, which creates a feeling of self-satisfaction.

That feeling of satisfaction is the reason why people create these resolutions. Whether those people follow through on those resolutions or not is a story in it of itself. Despite that, satisfying one’s self is something everyone strives for because at the end of the day, people have to take care of themselves.
Self-satisfaction is created by setting an achievable goal and gaining that rewarding feeling of actually accomplishing that goal.

What makes achieving that goal that much greater is the fact that people who post on social media about starting a resolution often get mocked.
The reason why is because people who commit to a new resolution often don’t finish it. Since they are not often fulfilled, they are often seen as a comical and not taken seriously.
In order for resolutions to be taken seriously, there has to be an attitude shift on both sides of the fence. Those that claim a new resolution must actually take it seriously and attempt to complete.

At the same time, those that are quick to ridicule must be more open-minded and realize that everyone has different reasons as to why they decide to accomplish that goal of self-satisfaction through resolutions.

Personally, I used to be one of those ridiculers and honestly judged people because resolutions are usually not completed. As I got older, I started to realize that everyone has their own motives, especially when I decided to create my own resolution, which is to just work on myself physically and academically for personal reasons.
The one issue with New Year’s Resolutions is that if someone posted on social media what his or her resolution was, that person does not necessarily have to post to social media about achieving their goal.

New Year’s Resolutions are something that will always be a part of society and should be taken more seriously. Everyone has motives behind their resolutions and that should be respected instead of ridiculed. A shift in attitude needs to occur in order and more people need to realize that resolutions are made to fill that self-fulfillment.