John Kasich needs to be GOP nominee



Republican U.S. presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich formally announces his campaign for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination during a kickoff rally in Columbus, Ohio July 21, 2015. REUTERS/Aaron P. Bernstein

Last Thursday, Fox News held another debate for the Republicans. One of the moderators included Megyn Kelly, the first time she moderated a debate that included Trump since last year’s infamous spat with the businessman. It is now down to four candidates including Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Marco Rubio.

Last week’s Republican debate was the most embarrassing thus far in a long string of 11 debates to date. If you didn’t watch the debate in Detroit, then I’m sure you’ve heard about it or have seen clips from it. Saturday Night Live naturally poked fun at it. Oddly enough, I actually thought Thursday night’s debate was an SNL sketch because of it’s utter nonsense.

The rhetoric has become extremely strident for the Republican party. There you had Donald and Marco going at it in the most immature way possible. How dense and brainless are these voters who are pulling for these guys? Ted Cruz even got into vacuous arguments with Trump. You know who didn’t waste their breath discussing irrelevant things and getting into a 3rd grade fight? John Kasich!

The Governor of Ohio was the “adult in the room” as all the political pundits had said on the news cable channels. They also said he overwhelmingly won the debate. John Kasich had the most talking time and exposure he ever had in these debates too. This may have resulted in the boost he had on Saturday when he beat Marco Rubio in Maine for third place and came close to him in Kentucky.

Polls in Michigan now show Kasich in second place and rising fast. He’s also doing very well in his home state of Ohio where he’s likely to win. Look, this GOP race is probably going toward a brokered convention. If that’s the case, John Kasich has a good shot at siphoning off delegates from the other three.

Senators Cruz and Rubio are way too inexperienced to run this nation. Ted Cruz can’t even get along with members of the House, yet alone the entirety of Washington D.C. He’s also acting like a preacher on stage and can only appeal to super religious crazy people. Marco Rubio hasn’t been in the Senate that long and has accomplished very little. These two should have waited about eight years.

Donald Trump is just turning into another Hitler. He’s brainwashing already mindless citizens into complete zombies who’ll believe anything Trump spits at them. It was thought a typical Trump supporter was a crazy person from the deep south who hadn’t voted in years, but as you can tell he’s attracting more than just racist and homophobic people with missing teeth who wear camouflage.

John Kasich may be a Governor, but he’s not a complete insider. Unfortunately in an election about outsiders, his proven record and accomplishments in Ohio hasn’t made a lot of buzz. Over the weekend he picked up endorsements from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Michael Reagan, the adopted son of Ronald Reagan. It appears that the establishment may be looking to embrace John Kasich as the election season becomes half way over.

Governor Kasich is the only hope for the Republican Party to stay alive. He’s not really an establishment figure and he has said that over and over. He’s a conservative, but one who appears to be a moderate that can attract Independents and undecided Democrats in November against Sanders or Clinton. He’s not a complete outsider like the other three, but he has the most realistic chance of winning a general election.

John Kasich isn’t one to shove his religious values down your throat and he’s not one to yell out absurd comments just to gain media attention. He’s been the underdog this entire race with the most experience. Republicans are doomed if anybody but Kasich is the nominee. They face extinction in a rapidly changing electorate that now shows 43% of Americans identify as Independents, 30% as Democrats and 26% as Republicans.

The entire world is watching this election. The Republican party has become nasty and unappealing to young “millennials” like myself. If Kasich and Sanders aren’t the nominees for their party’s, and Trump somehow wins the general election against the Democrats, I fear many nations will not trust us even more than usual. As a registered Independent, I’m already considering Libertarian candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for President.