Student Government: Sept. 2 weekly meeting notes

Sara Ross, Asst. News Editor

Student Government conducted its first virtual meeting of the semester this past week, and it began with Student Body President Kevin Long introducing the university’s President Greg Cant and Vice President Paul Adams. 

Cant and Adams welcomed back Student Government members and discussed the preparations made for students’ return to campus. When making these decisions, they wanted to ensure students could maintain as much of a normal college experience as possible, even during a global pandemic. However, they also require everyone to follow the rules implemented by the university, which will keep students safe but engaged in a way that keeps the school open and retains opportunities for the students. 

Adams further stated how they appreciated the continuity that Student Government provided when students were sent home last semester, especially through their activities and social media presence. 

“Student Government is the center of the Wilkes community,” Cant explained. “Your voice is critical to our ongoing success, as your ideas help to shape the future of the university.”

Next, the Wilkes COVID-19 Taskforce provided updates concerning the cases on campus. Dean Mark Allen and Justin Kraynack, assistant vice president of operations and compliance, led this discussion and described how they are consistently refreshing a dashboard located on the university’s website. They informed members that they will be having a meeting with the Wilkes Department of Health and may be making adjustments to COVID procedures if cases do escalate on campus. 

Transitioning into internal Student Government business, there was a presentation by Executive Board Vice President Brooke Mazzotta about the Club Hub, an area on campus located on the first floor of the Henry Student Center. There, clubs can use the crafts available to create posters and other promotional materials, and students can even obtain work-study positions.

Mazzotta was requesting a total of $6,000 from Capital Projects, which would cover purchasing Club Hub craft supplies and provide the funds for the work-study positions. At the next Student Government meeting, it will be decided whether or not this amount will be allocated. 

The sophomore, junior and senior classes have all begun planning for their fundraisers and socials as well. Each of them are looking to have virtual events and are trying to modify activities that would typically be held throughout the year. Some of these events include the Downtown Establishment Tour, Homecoming and Casino Week.

Some final notes included Virtual Club Day coming up on Sept. 11, and the Programming Board hosting a contest for students to show off their masks on social media.