Student Government notes (April 22)

Thursday’s online meeting was led by the new Student Body President Kevin Long.

To begin, the Neuroscience Club presented its club report. Events held this year included Random Acts of Kindness Week and a sticker sale. In the fall, members plan to host Brainwaves: One Volume, participate in SHINE, attend a neuroscience conference in the Lehigh Valley and fundraise through a sticker sale. 

Capital Projects is seeking funds to purchase a club award display case. It will serve as a space where all clubs can show awards and accomplishments earned. The case will be placed in the Henry Student Center and further decisions will be made once the school is reopened. Capital Projects is requesting a total of $1,000. 

The Student Government budget for the 2020-2021 school year was approved as well. The decision was to allocate $420,870, which was distributed among each of the classes, the Mega Council and other campus organizations. 

Next, the Wilkes Programming Board made changes to its constitution. The board added an update to its voting section. Now the Programming Board will conduct blind votes to avoid biases. They added an Analytical Chair to the board and outlined the duties. Further, members placed a new article discussing the roles of both their major and small events committees. 

The Psychology Research Lab at Wilkes presented a fund request to Student Government to attend the American Psychological Association (APA) Conference. It will take place from August 6 to 9 and will allow students to present their research to other researchers, clinicians, consultants and students. The total cost breakdown is $4,260, which will cover all registration, transportation, hotel and meal expenses. 

There was also a discussion about the 2020 Club Day fund request. Club Day is an event held early on during the fall semester, where all clubs on campus hold sign-ups for students to join their clubs. The requested amount for Club Day came to $5,500, and it was approved by Student Government. 

Final notes included Student Government sending out all ballots to all students to vote for new class officers in the upcoming school year.