Student Government notes (March 25)

On March 25, Student Government held its second online meeting. Due to the school’s closure, the group is transitioning to working remotely for the rest of the spring semester.

First, the Hospitality Leadership Club presented its club report. The club’s mission is to expand students’ knowledge of the hospitality and tourism industry through community involvement, field trips and internship opportunities. The Hospitality Leadership Club has been coordinating fundraisers, attending conferences and increasing student engagement through their social media. In the future, they hope to partake in additional nationwide events and improve their visibility on campus by creating more activities for students. 

The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers (PSPE) had a club report as well. A national organization, PSPE advocates for young engineers to acquire professional certification and additional training opportunities. Some of the events they were involved in this year were the Middle School Math Counts competition, the NEPA Girls STEM competition and the SHINE Program. PSPE is looking forward to attending the National Society of Engineers Conference and a disaster preparedness trip to assist engineers who specialize in post-natural disaster recovery in the upcoming school year. 

Next, Lambda Kappa Sigma is a pharmacy fraternity on campus, and they presented a fund request to attend the annual Lambda Kappa Sigma Convention in Indianapolis from July 23 to 25. At the convention, students will be able to network with other pharmacy students across the country and have the opportunity to give research presentations. The fraternity required $5,800 for travel expenses, and they received this amount in a passing motion of 37 in favor, one opposing and zero abstaining. 

Further, business included the Executive Board’s Recording Secretary, Liam Bartko, leading a second presentation for the Big Event. The Big Event is a campus-wide community service event where Wilkes students can volunteer at countless sites. It was meant to be held on April 18; however, it has been canceled along with other spring events, including Spring Fling and Block Party.

Student Government members also went over strategies for keeping the Wilkes Student Body engaged virtually. One idea was to open up a poll to students so they can provide activity recommendations and suggestions that can be done online or through social media. More plans will be discussed at next week’s online meeting.

Finally, ballots are out until March 29 at 9 p.m. for students to vote for Student Body, Commuter Council, MSC, Programming Board and RHC Presidents.