Student Government notes: Sept. 4 weekly meeting

Sara Ross, Staff Writer

On Sept. 4, Student Government had its second meeting and started with a discussion about the updates to Henry’s Dining Hall.

Members discussed how they appreciated the new improvements made to Henry’s Dining Hall, as there are now more vegetarian options and a pasta station.

One of the first presentations was from the Student Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association (PPA). Members would like to attend an annual pharmacy conference at Seven Springs Resort. Last year, they won awards including the Membership and Communications Award along with the Scholarship Award. They are requesting $1,680 to cover the hotel and registration costs for the trip.

The Alumni Relations Office came in for a second presentation to go over their plans for Homecoming weekend on Oct. 4 through 6. This year they are going to host an alumni and academic reunion during Homecoming. In a passing motion, they received the requested $500 for 50 student tickets.

The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) came in for a second meeting in the hopes of starting an AMSA chapter at Wilkes. AMSA is a student-led national association that exists to cultivate, inspire, and inform medical students about organized medicine. The motion to approve AMSA was tabled due to unresolved questions and confusion about the club. AMSA must come back next week for a final vote.

Next up, was the approval of Student Government’s Constitution update, to make sure that no Student Government member may run for or hold two or more offices at one time. On top of this, was another approval for the request of $3,600 to pay the salaries of the Club Hub workers.

There also was another vote to purchase 80 tables and 24 chairs for $3,943.15 from Capital Projects to be more equipped for future events. The request was granted.

Some notes include MSC making plans to visit the African American Museum in Washington D.C. on Oct. 11 for $5 per student. The Commuter Council is going on a trip on Oct. 9 and will be sending out a survey for students to decide where they would like to go.