Student Government notes: April 3 weekly meeting

Sara Ross, Staff Writer

On April 3, President Hunter Hughes attended his last Student Government meeting as the ballots for a new president were released last week. Hughes led the discussion for club reports and award nominations.

First, President Jacob Baranski of the Tabletop Gaming Club came in with their club report and discussed their most current volunteer event at Blue Chip Animal Shelter. They plan on attending not only Blue Chip in the future, but also the CEO Food Bank, the Big Event, and a crossover event with the Videogame Club. If interested in joining, the Tabletop Gaming Club meets every other Tuesday at 12 p.m.

The Biology Club appeared to present their club report, and their President is also Baranski. He explained how they volunteered at the CEO Food Bank and made donations to the Heifer Project and Wilkes Alumna in Central Africa. They have also done Relay for Heart and Science and Art Day.

Upcoming events for Biology Club include Adventures in Science and future elementary school visits. They also do the Snackin’ In the USA fundraiser every year and give out dissection kits to biology students. If interested in joining, the Biology Club meets on Tuesdays at 11 a.m.

President Erica Mabry and Treasurer Alexa Flood of the Wilkes University Dance Team came in for a club report too. The dance team performs choreographed dances at school events, including the homecoming pep rally, men’s basketball games, and Marts Madness. They also have a Spirit Clothing Sale and volunteer at the Big Event.

For any student who would like to join the dance team next year, the team will be holding tryouts at the beginning of the fall semester. They meet on Sundays from 7 to 9 p.m. and on Wednesday from 9:15 to 10:15 p.m.

Following the club reports, there were nominations for Member and Club of the Month. Junior Class Vice President Logan Biechy won Member of the Month, while Women Empowered by Science (WEBS) won Club of the Month.

There were then faculty and staff award nominations. Faculty nominations include Dean Stolte, Dr. Schicatano, Dr. Roke Thomas, Dr. Steele and Dr. Schmidt. Staff member nominations are Erica Acosta, Connie Dombroski, Jill Price and Andrew Rizzo. More information on the nominations and the selections for the awards will be provided at the next meeting.

Some last announcements include the Commuter Council’s cookout on April 9 and will be having a giveaway this week during club hours. In addition, Block Party is planned for April 13 and the Big Event will be April 27. Programming Board will also be getting a cupcake food truck on April 16 and having bingo on April 25.

Finally, on April 25 comedians are coming to Wilkes, including Chico Bean and Carlton Weller. These comedians will be performing acts together and also individually, so be sure to mark your calendars, as the event is open to all Wilkes students.