Student Government notes: March 27 weekly meeting

Sara Ross, Staff Writer

On March 27, Student Government had its weekly meeting with vice president Brianna Price taking the lead, as president Hunter Hughes was absent. Price reminded everyone to be conscious of their decisions when they vote on motions in regard to their amount of funds.

First, Women Empowered By Science (WEBS) came in for a club report, discussing its plans for Adventures in Science on April 26 and their volunteer team for the Big Event on April 27. If interested in joining, they meet every other Thursday.

Following this, there was a visit from assistant dean of the School of Pharmacy of Student Affairs, Dr. Julie Olenak. She wanted to address some issues that arose around the pharmacy Kappa Psi presentation from last week. The most important one pertaining to rumors surrounding their acceptance of members into their organization, which was resolved.

Kappa Psi then had its second fund request presentation to attend the Grand Council Convention from July 17 to the 21 in D.C. The total cost of the trip would amount to $7,750, but in a passing motion to reduce the costs, they only allocated $4,450.

The Hospitality Research Group also gave a follow-up discussion about attending the Hospitality Leadership Conference on April 12 to the 13 in Las Vegas. They requested $214 to cover their travel expenses and received their amount in a passing motion of 22 in favor, two opposing, and one abstaining.

Pre-Pharmacy Club requested $990 last week for its field trip to the National History Museum on April 13. The request was granted in a passing motion, and there are still open spots for anyone that would be interested in going on the trip.

Education Club made a second appearance as well, as they went to the PSEA Education Conference March 28 through 30 at Kalahari Resort. The group received $900 for it. The theme of the conference is “Be the Wave of Change.”

Wilkes University School of Pharmacy students have been selected to attend the American Pharmacists Association Institute on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence on May 29 through June 2. They received $6,960, which will cover the expenses of seven students.

Lambda Kappa Sigma (LKS) made a request of $2,400 last week, which would allow them to go to the LKS convention in Milwaukee from July 31 to Aug. 3. In a passing motion, they received this full amount.

The last fund request was the Big Event on April 27. Big Event is a campus-wide community service event around Wilkes-Barre. The total cost of the event was $6,000, and this amount was approved by Student Government.

Frisbee Club made an update to its constitution as well, and it was approved. The new changes make it mandatory for the officer and members to attend meetings and practices, along with other requirements.

Finally, Silver Wings made a second appearance and succeeded in getting their club recognized. By being recognized, this will allow them to start a Wilkes chapter and to attend the National Conclave.