Student Government notes: Feb. 13 weekly meeting

Sara Ross, Staff Writer

This week’s Student Government meeting on Feb. 13 started out with a second presentation from Adventures in Science.

This event is being held on Apr. 26 at Wilkes University where they will be inviting 255 fifth-grade students from local schools. This year’s theme is, “Science is SnOW Cool!” Adventures in Science requested $2,500 for t-shirts, drawstring bags, and safety glasses. They received the full amount with a passing motion of 27 approving, one opposing and zero abstaining.

After Adventures in Science, the Vagina Monologues presented their fund request for their upcoming event. The event will be held on Feb. 22 and 23. They asked for $500, which will allow 100 Wilkes students to attend the performances for free, as the general admission cost to the show is $5.

The Vagina Monologues raises awareness about women’s issues around the world. This year it will discuss women who have been incarcerated. All of the proceeds from the performances will be given to the Victims Resource Center, Domestic Violence Service Center, and Caring Communities.

Late Night Lift, an event held for the first time last fall, hosted by the students of the Nursing Student Organization (NSO), the Passan School of Nursing and the Nesbitt School of Pharmacy will make a reappearance this spring. Maverick Reed, a Wilkes Pharmacy student, revealed how much of a success the Late Night Lift was last semester. 

Late Night Lift is held at the YMCA, and all Wilkes students are welcome to workout from 9 to 11 p.m on Apr. 3. Free t-shirts, shaker bottles, and even custom towels will be given away during the event.

Reed requested a total of $2,000, which will cover all of the giveaways for the event, as he is anticipating another great turnout for Late Night Lift.

Funds for both the Vagina Monologues and Late Night Lift will be voted on next week.

RHC announced its new interim President, Alanah Guerrero, who will be holding a meeting on Feb. 19 at 11 a.m. on the second floor of the Henry Student Center.

Currently, they are asking Resident Assistants to nominate students they feel would be able to step up and fulfill the roles of student ambassadors.

Commuter Council also will have its giveaway next week for anyone who would like to participate. In addition, on Feb. 28 the Programming Board will have its Rodeo Night.

Finally, Student Government revealed that they are working on a big spring project. The plans for Casino Week were brought up as well, which will take place from Mar. 12 through the 15th. More information for both events will be discussed at a later meeting.