Student Government launches app


Maddie Davis

A screenshot of the application in the Apple app store. The app is also avaliable for Android.

Maddie Davis, Staff Writer

In recent weeks Wilkes University’s Student Government has publicized the new “Colonel Guide” mobile app to help students, faculty and staff to better connect and become involved in the various events Wilkes University clubs and organizations hold. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.

The app displays all upcoming events on the Wilkes University campus allowing users to add featured events to their personal phone calendar and enables students to filter searches through various tags and organizations such as athletics, food, and the type of event it is.

“The app is a one-stop-shop for all students essentially to see any event on campus by any organization any day of the week,” described Cody Morcom, president of Student Government and pharmacy student.

The app is a partnership between Student Government and Student Development along with Presence, an online platform, to not only make Wilkes’ events easily available to students, but to also allow organizations and club presidents to view the demographics of who attended their event. This demographic information is accessible to help improve future events and make them more attractive to the target audience.

“It kind of came out of not having a singular place where we can see events because we have all these posters around campus and students don’t know where to look because there are so many in one place,” said Morcom, “Essentially it’s about getting feedback from students because we want to know what they want so we can improve our events—that’s the name of the game this year.”

Student Government and Student Development hope to help the clubs become a little more active on campus this year.

The leaders of Wilkes University clubs and organizations are integrated into the Presence database as administrative users based on if they are considered activew. The app allows leadership to add events to the master list available on the app. From here the app features the uploading of images and descriptions to advertise their event better to all users.

“We’re hoping to be able to understand what part of our student population is going to events, what type of the events they’re going to,” added Assitant Coordinator Réka Shayka when asked about the goal of the Colonel Guide app.

“We wanted to make sure that we were capturing as many students on campus as possible,” said Shayka, and “reaching out to those who aren’t yet involved.”

“I think the app is a really cool idea because it puts everything in one place,” added senior Nursing student and president of the Choral Club Hannah Eastman, “I definitely am going to use it for our christmas concert, which is great because I think that’s a way people will see it when they might not have seen it already.”

“It might help us reach new members and people who might want to come see it” said Eastman enthusiastically.

“No other school in the country has it,” added Morcom, “it’s just unique to Wilkes University.”

“I’m excited right now because it’s going really well but I’m even more excited for the future because of the possibility of having  so many more organizations on it,” said Morcom, “We’re just setting up the foundation right now but it’s going to blow up pretty soon.”

For any further questions or concerns please either contact student government at [email protected] or attend a Student Government meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m. in the Ballroom of the SUB.