Wilkes University Student Government notes

Sarah Bedford, Editor-in-Chief

Week 1

On Aug. 31, Student Government met for its first meeting.

John Stachacz, dean of library and IT gave his report on campus updates. This summer, more WiFi access points were created across campus and the library database was also expanded.

Alumni Relations gave its fund request for homecoming activities. The group requested $500 to pay for 50 student tickets for two homecoming events: Pints with Professors and Tailgate Tent. Homecoming activities begin on Sept. 30.

Student Government began planning for the homecoming dance which is themed, “There’s no place like Homecoming.” The total amount requested was for $27,350.55.

Constitutional revisions for the Student Government constitution were on the table. Changes were basic procedure that required update and clarification.

Allie Grudeski, SG president made a fund request for Club Day to cover the cost of food and incidentals for the event. Grudeski hopes to make the event completely SG-run in upcoming years, removing responsibility from Student Development. Funds requested were $6,100.

Capital Projects also made a fund request for: Wilkes University customized bubble soccer balls, two carts, two color printers and two black and white printers for the Club Hub and SG Office, an iPad for the Mailroom, work study funds for the Club Hub and Club Hub Supplies. The total amount requested was $18,940.

Operations committee explained that the new bleachers and restrooms at Ralston Field may be ready for the homecoming football game. The signage for the single bathrooms around campus have also been labeled as “all gender” restrooms.

The Treasurer’s Report stands as follows: All College: $48,000; Conference: $5,000; General Funds: $25,000; Spirit: $2,000 with a SG total of $80,000.

Week 2

Student Government met on Wednesday for its weekly meeting.

Alumni Association presented for their week two of two for their homecoming ticket request. The board voted allocating $500 to the group with a vote of 20-0-1.

The Geo-Exploration Club presented for its reinstatement for week one of two. The club had formerly been active but not in recent years.

The Political Society also presented for its reinstatement. The group is nonpartisan and hopes to spread political awareness through the election season and beyond.

SG will vote next week on both clubs’ status.

Cody Morcom, SG vice president presented his fund request for the Sports Smash event which will replace Bubble Bash. The total request is for $5,500.

The board voted on the allocation of funds for the homecoming dance, which increased to $29,955.52, which is less than requested for Homecoming 2015. The board voted passing the motion at 20-0-1.

SG Constitutional revisions were voted on, passing 20-0-1. President Patrick Leahy must approve of the revisions before they can be instated.

Club Day fund requests were voted upon, passing 19-1-1.

Capital Projects’ fund request was also revised and voted on. The two carts were removed and the iPad. The group voted per item as follows: $3,000 allocated for bubble soccer balls passing 18-0-3; $2,202.76 for back and color printers and ink for the Club Hub and one black and white printer for the SG office passing 19-0-2; $7,200 for Club Hub work study passing 15-4-2; $2,500 per semester for Club Hub supplies passing 19-0-2.

Admissions and Financial Aid committee and discussed reviewing the honors program for admissions purposes. There was also discussion on a new financial aid award template to expedite the process and a focus on PSAT scores for new students. 200 students have already been accepted to Wilkes for the 2017-2018 school year.

The Treasurer’s Report stands as follows: All College: $48,000; General Funds: $25,000; Conference: $5,000; and Spirit: $2,000 for an SG total of $80,000.