Student Government election results

Gabby Glinski , Asst. News Editor

The Student Government elections for the 2016-2017 year came to a close on April 19.

The results are as follows: Student Government President, Allie Grudenski; IRHC President, Rachel Wood; WUPB President, Val Woods; Commuter Council President; Sarah Bedford, Multiculteral Student Coalition President, Santana Kiara Velez.

Many positions ran unopposed, allowing for a smooth campaign and election process.

Newly elected president Allie Grundenski is a junior Pharmacy major and Business Management minor, and has served as a member of Student Government for three years. She held the position of Executive Recording Secretary during her sophomore year, with the responsibilities of taking minutes, keeping attendance and planning the Big Event. She also planned the Bubble Bash and Block Party. Outside of Student Government, Allie is a mentor to first year students.