Weird News


Ross McDonald, 39, was stopped by a police officer for going the wrong way down a one-way street around 3 a.m. Police said McDonald was “extremely confused” and was wearing a Halloween costume and had bar wrist bands on. Police took McDonald to the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety’s processing room where he tried to eat toilet paper in an attempt to interfere with the breathalyzer.


Otha Anders, 73, cashed in 45 years worth of saving pennies which totaled more than $5,000. Anders brought 15 five-gallon water jugs full of pennies to the bank. After counting for five hours, the exact total was found to be $5,136.14. Anders said he’ll use that money towards a recent dental bill.


A garage in the upscale Beacon Hill neighborhood of Boston is offering a single parking spot for $650,000. The space has a roomy 171-square-feet, complete with floor stripes and ample room to maneuver.

Parking is notoriously scarce in the neighborhood. Homes in the area are known to have been sold for up to $10 million, sans parking.


A Vermont company is creating Bernie’s Briefs in support of Bernie Sanders. The underwear, which features Sander’s face and the message “Feel the Bern,” is available for both men and women. 10% of the proceeds from the underwear will go toward the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which supports injured veterans.


Gianclaudio Marengo, a New York City Marathon runner from Italy, was found after he went missing after finishing the race. Marengo survived on pizza and slept in the street for two days before being found by an off-duty police officer riding the subway. The runner speaks little English and is a former heroin addict, described by his rehab clinic as a “fragile person.” His racing bib, which he was still wearing when found, was registered to another runner, a detail police are investigating.