Weird News


A New York City health department employee will face his second suspension for ignoring his supervisor’s warnings to stop talking like a robot.

On Sept 15, a city administrative judge ruled that Ronald Dillon will be suspended without pay for 30 days for answering calls using a robot­like voice. According to the New York Daily News, Dillon was previously suspended in 2014 for 20 days after performing the same act.


A Michigan man filling his car at a gas station reportedly spotted a spider sitting near his car’s gas cap. He pulled out a lighter and attempted to burn the arachnid, according to local news outlets. The flame from the lighter set the area around the gas pump up in flames. The man was able to safely douse the flames with a nearby fire extinguisher. The gas pump was destroyed.


According to Indiana authorities, Angela Kipp, 35, allegedly leapt from her car after spotting a spider on her shoulder. Her 9­ year ­old son moved from the back seat in an attempt to hit the brakes but accidently hit the accelerator, sending the car from the driveway into a passing school bus.


An Allentown man must spend at least 60 years in prison after claiming in court that his “evil twin” robbed 10 gas stations and other stores, according to The Associated Press. On Sept 28, Steven Felton, 34, was sentenced to 62 to 124 years by a Lehigh County judge.


According to the Associated Press, Chase Dellwo, 26, was hunting in Montana with his brother when he encountered a sleeping grizzly bear, estimated to be 350-400 pounds. Dellwo said he surprised the bear and it attacked, biting his head and leg. When the bear attacked him for a second time, Dellwo used a tactic he recalled his grandmother telling him. Remembering bears have a bad gag reflex, Dellwo shoved his arm down the bear’s throat, causing the bear to stop and leave.