Wellness at Wilkes: Spring cleaning for college students

Wellness at Wilkes: Spring cleaning for college students

Natalie Stephens , Asst. Life, Arts, & Entertainment Editor

There are many benefits to having a clean and organized space, especially in college. With finals approaching fast, it is beneficial to get rid of extra clutter to both clean out your space and mind.

The regular cleaning also probably hasn’t be given the attention it needs due to the cold weather, so with the sun peeking out, it is the time to open your windows and let the fresh air motivate you.

One tip is to start with a garbage bag and go through the papers that have accumulated on countertops and desks throughout the school year.

If you haven’t looked at something since before winter break chances are you don’t need it.

“My cleaning is more or less just trying to keep things organized,” said Cassie Oldt, junior pharmacy student at Wilkes University.

Taking time to declutter will help not only to clear your space when finals are here and you need to study but also to clear your mind so you are not stressing over clutter.

“I definitely think that spring cleaning can help clear your mind. I always think cleaning helps to clear my mind and prepare me for work. If I have a test to study for I cannot study when my room is a mess. Your space is a product of your mind I think,” said Emily Messinger, senior middle level education major at Wilkes University.

Spring is also the time many people get hit with seasonal allergies so getting rid of excess dust in your room can also help.

Try and wipe down nightstands, tables, desks and any other areas that might collect dust. You can even venture outside of your dorm room and clean your car as well if you have one on campus.

“I always clean my car in the spring. Inside and out. I like to vacuum, clean the seats, windows, everything. I enjoy a spotless car,” said Messinger.

We all know that one friend that might be a little too lackadaisical when it comes to laundry. If this is you, try and get rid of that pile of laundry in the corner of your room that you have been neglecting for the past month.

In addition, you can go through your clothes and see what you don’t wear anymore. There’s typically not a lot of storage in college dorms, so getting rid of clothes can free up some closet space.

“I tried to clean my room before I left for spring break. Usually, before breaks, I always try to make sure I make my room extra nice. While I was on break at my house, I purged stuff that I don’t wear anymore and donated it to the Salvation Army,” said Hunter Hughes, junior pre-med neuroscience major at Wilkes University.

This will help not only you to have more space for clothes but it also makes your space more appealing and allow you to come back to a clean room.

Oldt also said that she typically cleans out her closet in the summer and she knows she’s going to have to do so again.

If you’re having trouble getting started on these chores,  you can always make it fun.

“Just put on some good music and comfy clothes and just get the job done,” said Messinger.

Spring cleaning not only gives you a fresh space but also a jump start on the move-out process. If you find things that you no longer need or that are from winter, pack them up.

This will make your life easier when you are ready to go home for summer break. So, whether your looking to reduce your stress, or just tidy up your room, use some of these tips and tricks to kick start your spring cleaning regime.