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Beauty Beat: Why you really should stop washing your hair

Ashley Evert, Managing Editor

February 8, 2016

Whenever I do a color service in the salon, I ask the client how often they wash their hair. I do this because the two most common things that fade hair color are harsh surfactants in shampoo and hot water. The hot water opens...

Beauty Beat: Sunscreen 101

Ashley Evert, Assistant Managing Editor

April 15, 2014

Finals week is looming ahead and all that most of us want to do is lay outside and absorb those sunny days that have finally reached us after this rough winter. I am an advocate for compromise. Why not go out and study at one...

Workplace Beauty: preparing for interviews

Ashley Evert, Assistant Managing Editor

April 1, 2014

The season of summer internships is among us.  Students everywhere are getting calls and emails back from potential employers letting them know that they have been granted an interview… but now what? What do you wear? How w...

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