Politically Unapologetic: Sanders wins New Hampshire, battles Clinton in post debate

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary with a “yuuuuge” lead. He received over 151,000 votes which represented 60.4% of the vote compared to Hillary Clinton’s 37.9% of the vote.

His victory speech was right on point to what he always talks about. Some of the topics included being anti super-PAC, easing the burden of student loans and finding ways to tackle Wall Street.

“I do not have a super-PAC and I do not want a super-PAC!”, he yelled to the youthful energized crowd. “We’re going to create jobs for our young people, not jails and incarcerations.” Speaking of the young people he talked about student loans which applies directly to them. “Yes, we are going to make public colleges tuition free. We are going to substantially ease that burden.”

The biggest appeal to Bernie thus far has to be his constant attacks on Wall Street. During last night’s debate he made it clear that he’s more opposed to Wall Street than Clinton is, and makes it known about her super-PAC’s even though she denies involvement with them.

However, unlike Clinton, he makes his stance against big banks more heartfelt and relatable to average working Americans. He also ties it in to how he will pay for some of his proposes. “We’re going to impose a tax on Wall Street speculation. It’s Wall Street’s time to help the middle class.

The Nevada and South Carolina primaries are coming up soon and it will be interesting to see if his momentum holds true in states that Hillary Clinton did well in the 2008 primaries. If the young people come out in droves like they’ve been doing, then I think he will be a force to wreck with.

There’s this assumption that he won’t get the black vote. Here’s the thing about that. Was Hillary Clinton protesting with him in the streets during the 1970’s for civil rights? I don’t think so. He’s been advocating for black rights and gay rights for decades, and I don’t think her campaign attacking his supposedly lack of black support is a smooth move.