Sharing stories meant to tear down fences between people

Jeremy Hartman, Correspondent

We really don’t know the stories of people we pass by everyday or what they have been through. Well, the upcoming event “Tearing Down Fences” might just change that.

This event is for all Wilkes students and faculty, and anyone can sign up to share stories or events of themselves to the audience. The purpose of the event is for people to get to know the people sharing their stories and maybe find similarities or simply get to know more about that person.

Wilkes sophomore Melissa Scott organized the event herself and will oversee it as well.

“I got the idea for this event from watching a documentary called “I AM.” It made me think life is too short, and everybody should be able to tell their own personal story that could maybe help another person out.

“The title, ‘Tearing Down Fences,’ I came up with because it seems now a days people close themselves off from expressing themselves. We should all be open to each other, not closed off.”

Tearing Down Fences” will help give life lessons and advice for those who can compare to the stories being told. Just by going to the event and listening, a life could be changed with the words of just one person.

The event will take place  at 7 p.m. Feb. 18, March 11 and March 25 in the first floor of the Henry Student Center.

Scott is still looking for people to speak at the event. If interested, email her at [email protected]