The scoop on future careers

Ice Cream and future career prospects may seem like an unlikely match at first, however those conceptions were challenged at this year’s “What’s The Scoop?: Sundae Bar & Career Fair Info” event.

On Oct. 19, students attended and participated in a small sundae bar and career day info showcase. The event was organized by the career peer ambassadors and was held within a cozy corner of the first floor in the Henry Student Center. It was designed to promote and spread awareness of the then upcoming “Career, internship and grad school” fair.

During the event, the career peer ambassadors served various flavors of ice cream and different types of toppings such as sprinkles, syrup and whipped cream.

Tables were elegantly arranged where students and their friends could enjoy a couple of scoops of ice cream while listening to a hand picked music playlist in-between their classes.

After enjoying some delightful cold ice cream, one could guess the amount of candy corn within a clear container to win a Starbucks gift card. They could also read one of the many pamphlets and booklets filled with all kinds of career advice from how to dress during a job interview, how to set up a Handshake account, how to flesh out a resume and the latter being especially useful to students seeking immediate employment and internship opportunities.

“We really wanted people to fix up their resume before the fair,” said third year English major and career peer ambassador Olivia Wychock. “It’s very important that students are prepared for the challenges ahead.”

Employers invest considerable interest and keep a close eye on the college populace,  as they will be future employees and spearheaders of the job market.

“They are very excited about the fair, they love this stuff,” said Kiersten Miller, a third year marketing major and career peer ambassador. “They need workers and they want college students and interns. They love the eagerness students have.”

The career, internship and grad school fair was held Oct. 20 within the McHale Athletics Center. Employers from every corner of the job market such as broadcasting, food industry, technicians, various agencies and the military were all present at the fair.

“It is hard to get students’ attention during classes but everyone loves ice cream!” said Miller. “It is a win-win. We feel it really helped get the word out about the career fair. We really hope to see a lot of people show up.”

The Career Peer Ambassadors are already hard at work on the next few events, the next being the “Nursing Career Fair” on Nov. 7.