“Chef” movie review

Jill Reifsnyder, Staff Writer

Due to the lack of riveting cinema currently polluting our theaters, I decided to review a movie with an approaching release date. On September 30th you too can enjoy a film that is heart-warming, interesting, and involves a college students favorite things (alcohol, food trucks, and social media blowups).

Chef is a not-so-well-known 2014 picture. Jon Favreau, as has become his trend, took on several roles in the making of this film. Favreau stars as the movie’s main character, a frustrated chef unable to create the innovative dishes he desires.

However, staying true to the Favreau work ethic, he also wrote and directed the film. I’m sure you’ve seen him act in a few movies before (Iron Man, Elf, Couples Retreat), but you may not have known that he directed the first two Iron Man movies as well as the beloved Elf, and he co-wrote Couples Retreat.

As I was saying, Carl Casper is a disgruntled employee (who isn’t now-a-days) whose adventure begins with a bad review from a food critic and a not so private Twitter message. After losing his prestigious job as head chef and trending as a viral video, Casper decides to reclaim his love for his job as a chef.

In order to reconnect with the two things he loves most, cooking and his son, Casper reluctantly buys a food truck his ex-wife, Sofia Vergara, helps him find from her other ex-husband, Robert Downey Jr. With the help of his son and friend, the three travel from Miami to L.A. making several stops, and gathering followers, along the way.

Not only will this story touch your stomach, but it will also remind you how important being true to yourself can be. It may be cliché, but everyone loves to see a happy, feel good movie every now and then, especially with some Cuban sandwiches, witty humor, and an estranged family coming back together, even if the wife is way out of his league.