QB Prospects

Jonathan Keer, Staff Writer

This years NFL draft raises many questions with the teams at the top of the draft.  Do teams value the quarterback position enough to possibly over draft somebody in the top 5? QB prospects such as Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater and Derek Carr, all have had wonderful careers at their schools.  However, the competition they were facing had little or no NFL prospects on their defenses.  Do teams trust giving a player millions of dollars that have not competed against a high level of NFL talent? That being said, QBs like Johnny Manziel and AJ McCarron have had great careers at their respective SEC schools.  Playing against the best competition would make you think they’d be the best qualified to be a top pick.  But, Manziel’s wreck-less style of play and size problems make teams worry about whether or not he can be durable at the next level.  For McCarron, he has always had NFL players surrounding him against inferior competition and questions are being raised about what he will do on an even playing field.  My best judgement for teams would be to stay away from quarterbacks in the top 5 and if you really need one, trade down or wait til the second round.  There are plenty of other players in this years draft worthy of a high selection rather than a quarterback that could potentially set your franchise back 3 to 5 years.