New dining options tasty to some; others question if selections limit some students


There are many changes taking place on the Wilkes campus, but one major change that college students are particularly focused on and drawn to is the food.

After two weeks since fallclasses began, students have had time to settle in and experience the new campus dining options.

Changes include Aramark replacing Sodexo as the university’s food service provider, Which Wich and Grille Works coming to Rifkin Café, and P.O.D. and Greens to Go taking over for Stark Cart.Starbucks will also soon come to Gambini’s Café.

Student feedback at this early stage is important because it will make visible what is going well and what may need some extra attention.

Dominique DelPriore, a sophomore with a major in early childhood education, commutes every day to Wilkes. She has a meal plan, which she uses frequently during her long days on campus.

When DelPriore was asked about the new dining service she said that the gluten free foods, which used to be a whole section of the cafeteria, are virtually nonexistent.

DelPriore cannot eat gluten because she has Celiac’s Disease, which she describes as being similar to a severe gluten allergy.

“I would like there to be more gluten free options and I would like to see gluten free foods labeled so I know whether or not I could eat it,” she said. “That would give me a much better eating experience.”

Something DelPriore appreciated about last year was that rice was always available, which is something she would like to see return.

Similar to DelPriore, Kiersten Torre, a sophomore political science and international studies major, is also limited in her dining choices. Torre is a vegetarian and said that although her options were limited last year, they are even more limited this year.

“There are days when I go into the cafeteria for dinner and my only options are cereal or a bagel because there is meat at every station.”

Similar to DelPriore’s opinion, Torre would like to see an expansion in vegetarian dining options.

When asked about what she liked about the new dining services, Torre said she enjoys how meal swipes can be used at different places, aside from the cafeteria.

John Vols, a junior mechanical engineering major, said that he and many other students have classes scheduled at odd times, so he does not always have the opportunity to eat at ideal meal times.

When this happens around 3 p.m., the only option he really has is salad since many of the stations are switching over food during these off times.

Vols also commented that he would like to see the service at “Which Wich” and “Grille Works” be quicker.

Both places appear to be popular among the student body causing a longer wait in service lines.

In addition, Vols said that he definitely tastes and sees an improvement in the quality of food being served.

While there are adjustments that need to be made, the general consensus is that the dining services and options are headed in the right direction.

Aramark has made it known that the company is more than willing to hear student feedback. One could tweet to @HearMeAramark with any questions, concerns, or something new to see on campus.

Representatives from dining services could either not be reached for comment for this story or were unavailable for interviews.