IHRC study break lets students relax

Cameron Hinkel

Games, cotton candy, and caricature drawings headline Wilkes University study break.

Wilkes University’s Inter-Residence Hall Council hosted its annual study break May 1 on the first and second floors of the Henry Student Center with this year’s theme being Dr. Seuss.

Whether it be carnival booth games like throwing darts and shooting balls into hoops or getting cotton candy and Rita’s Italian Ice, there were plenty of activities that students could partake in to ease the stress of final’s week, and it’s all free. There was also a screening of the movie “The Lorax” in the Ballroom.

Every college student can attest to how much extra stress seems to be placed onto themselves once this dreaded week comes around. However Wilkes University finds a way every year to allow their students to have a good time with their friends and even some faculty members who choose to partake in those events.

Senior Ian Foley, who is a double major in both political science and communication studies, was working the cotton candy station in which there was a long line of students the entire time the study break was going on.

“Although I was very busy the whole night it was worth it because I know how hard these students are studying for finals,” Foley said.

There was also a long line for free caricature drawings, which students were all smiles after receiving them.

All in all this year’s study break was a success in terms of de-stressing students before finals started and allowing them to free their minds from the books for a couple hours.