Problems with D2L continue

Shawn Carey

Since the start of the semester, some students have been having numerous problems with the online class program, LIVE, also known as D2L.
Students have not been able to access their classes through the MyWilkes portal; instead they were told to go directly to the LIVE page.
“What we found out is actually a patch to view the upgrade was put on our system, which should not have been put there,” Barbara Moran, director of eLearning and the center for educational research, said.
The program that is used recently underwent an upgrade of software over the summer and after the upgrade, a patch was placed on the communication between the portal and the LIVE page.
“Students were actually having a cache issue, they ended up having to clear their cache,” said Moran, “The first day this happened, there were 200 calls and we did not know about what happened.”
After the patch had been discovered, students were told to go directly to the LIVE page and then they could log in.
For some students going directly to the LIVE page actually worked. “I just used and logged in from there,” Rhonda Lynch, sophomore criminology and psychology major, said. “After I was logged in it was smooth sailing. I was able to find all my classes and access their content.”
Moran has now set up a website for students to see whether or not the D2L website is working. Students can visit to see the status of LIVE and D2L.
Students are also able to enroll in student tutorial classes that help teach them how to use the new software. Students are able to go directly to their LIVE homepage to enroll in the courses.
According to Moran, “the “Portal to L.I.V.E”. connection is working again as of this morning which is great news for us. We still recommend that students go directly to, but at least students have the option again to go to D2L from the portal.”
Students and faculty who are still having issues with their LIVE or D2L account may contact Moran’s office or the IT Helpdesk.