Spring Fling goes classy with new venue, location

Abbey Haldeman, Staff Writer

Spring has just begun and students begin thinking about saying goodbye to this school year. One way Wilkes University is bringing an end to the school year s to celebrate the student’s hard work, is Spring Fling.

“Spring Fling is just a dinner dance at the end of the year that helps you escape the stress of finals, and it is a time for final goodbyes,” Student Government corresponding secretary and senior business administration major Kevin Hopper said.

For the past several years, the dance has been held at Genetti’s Hotel, but this year it will be put on at The Woodlands Resort. Student Government was hoping that a more modern venue this year would help to draw in more students.

“The venue change is going to give it a different feel,” Hopper said.

The change of venue is not the only change, either.  The event organizers decided to go with a more elegant theme after arranging a venue, figuring out prices and selling it to the Student Government executive board.

“Last year there was a poll taken in which students got to decide which theme they would like best, and Hollywood came in second so, we (Student Government) chose it for this year’s theme,” Hopper said.

Also, in the past there has been a photo booth, giving students an opportunity to take some sort of memorabilia with them when they left. For the theme of this year’s Spring Fling there have been some modifications made to that.

“There is a whole scene in which students can walk through and get pictures taken during,” sophomore class president Amber Konopka said.

This year’s Spring Fling will give students a chance to escape and have a fun time with those whom they have spent as much as four years with or even as little as two semester with.

Dance the night away Spring Fling, March 30 at 7 p.m.  Tickets will be on sale until Wednesday March 27 in the Henry Student Union Building for $5.

To learn more about this year’s Spring Fling, visit http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/246782322080721/