Flying shark takes over SUB, UCOM building

Brittany Battista, Advertising Manager

The odds of seeing a flying shark are one in one in the Student Union Building when sophomore history major Jeff Homschek is around.
Homschek’s new toy takes flying fish to a new level. He is the proud owner of Captain Crunch, a remote controlled helium balloon shaped as a shark.
Unlike blimps and other flying mechanical toys, these balloons add realism and movement with moving fins that propel the fish through the air in any direction.
The fins swish back and forth operated by a remote control. The only assembly is adding AAA batteries and helium.
“Hey, look at that. A remote controlled flying shark. I want that,” Homschek said when he found out about the shark. A friend posted a random link,, onto his Facebook wall.
The balloon can only be flown indoors because of wind but still be cautious of which buildings you fly in.
“I tried to fly it in the middle of the SUB but the updraft took all the way up to the third floor. I had to yell at a girl to give it back,” Homschek said.
Sophomore computer science major and high school friend of Homschek, Cody Bauman, accompanies Captain Crunch on some of his public appearances.
“We were at ‘Everyone Is Gay’ and the shark photo-bombed their pictures.” Bauman said. “The pictures are on their website and he was in their profile picture on Facebook for a while, too.”
Captain Crunch has made many places his personal habitat. He is said to like swimming in the pool room in the SUB, University Center on Main building, Marts gym and also CVS where Homschek works. is the online store to purchase the shark which also comes in a clown fish shape. The new gadgets are so popular that they are sold out of both models.