Commuter students prefer to spend free time in convenient pool room and student lounge in SUB

Holly Boyer, Assistant Life Editor


For commuters, it is not very convenient for them to drive back and forth to their homes between classes, like it is for students who live on or close to campus. Fortunately, the university has provided commuters with multiple areas that they can utilize in between the times that they have to be on campus for classes.

Two of the more popular places on campus that commuters enjoy spending their free time in are the lounge and poolroom located on the first floor of the Student Union Building. Junior psychology and English major Ashley Bringmann is one commuter that spends some of her time in the SUB lounges.

“I enjoy spending time in the (lounge), it gives me a place to go and relax and hang out with people,” Bringmann said. “It’s a way to feel more involved and a part of campus.”

Often commuters spend about five to six hours a day in between classes congregating in these lounges. In the lounge, students have multiple couches and tables to hang out, socialize or to sit down and do school work in their spare time. In the poolroom there are various gaming opportunities, from the pool table to arcade games.

The SUB lounge room always has students relaxing in it. Junior elementary education major Amanda Coombs is one commuter that likes to meet with her friends there.

“Our group likes to sit in a circle and just talk. We have a lot of fun and it gives us a chance to unwind from the stresses of the semester,” said Coombs.

Other places that commuters can spend their free time in are the library and the commuter lounge in the basement of Conyngham Hall. Unfortunately, due to the location of the commuter lounge, many stray away from it.

On the other hand, the pool room and the SUB lounge are easily accessible and better for those students to feel more like a part of campus life, which is why many commuters spend their down times playing games and socializing with their friends there. They enjoy utilizing the SUB lounges during the day, although they would love for the addition of a television as well as more soda machine options.

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