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SG notes: More funding requests on horizon

Nick Durdan, Staff Writer

February 5, 2014

Student government listened to two different fund requests for The Beacon and for Adventures in Science in their last meeting on Wed. Jan. 29. The Beacon was requesting $1,800 from Student Government so it can use The Beacon as an advertising service for its various events. Editor and Chief of the Beacon senior communications major Jake Cochran stepped up to ask Student Government for the funds. “One good advantage is more exposure, students will read the Beacon and will pay attention to the advertisements,” Cochran said. As The Beacon produces 2,000 issues weekly, advertisement would be able to reach a variety of different people on and off campus. In addition to the exposure, advertising will come with less work needed for Student Government. Student Government had mixed reactions about the idea and will have a final answer at the next meeting. More in fund requests, Adventures in...

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