Wilkes-Barre versus “King’s-Barre” – Football Tweet Statistics

On Feb. 9, head coach Jeff Knarr of the King’s College football team tweeted this infographic taunting Wilkes in its then-potential decision to switch from the Middle Atlantic Conference to the Landmark Conference.
This decision was not made official until Thursday, Feb. 10. In his tweet, he claimed to have been the ruler of “Kings-Barre.”

The Beacon has decided to lay out the facts based on preliminary research and have the readers decide who really runs the ‘Barre.

Wilkes’ head coach Jon Drach joined the Colonels in Feb. of 2018.

In his first season, he generated one of the biggest program turnarounds in DIII football when he led his team to a 6-4 record after the team was winless in the 2017 season.

In the Drach era, the Colonels have posted a cumulative 20-12 record. Drach’s most record-breaking season was in 2019 when he led Wilkes to an 8-3 overall record, the best in the program since their undefeated season in 2006. In addition, under Drach, the Colonels have not seen a record under 0.500. Drach’s four years as head coach.

Concurrently, King’s head coach Jeff Knarr has posted a minimum of a 0.500 record every season that he has been head coach. However, despite the record posted by Knarr, he has been able to find a way to defeat Wilkes in the Mayor’s Cup four out of the five years of the program’s rivalry.

In a head-to-head statistical match- up, Wilkes beats Kings in most categories, including the win column.

All stats and information that is provided was found on either gowilkesu.com or kingscollegeathletics.com.
Coach Jeff Knarr did not return an email seeking comment on the tweet.

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Photos: The Beacon/Ariel Reed