MSOC: Bombardment of goals lifts Wilkes over Immaculata

EDWARDSVILLE, Pa. — On Saturday Sept. 25, the Colonels hosted Immaculata University, where a Wilkes-dominated first half was more than enough to secure the 3-0 victory.

“Like any game, I think if you get on a team early, it helps build confidence throughout the game,” said head coach Michael Piranian. “Fortunately we were able to keep our winds and catch our sails.”

Starting off the game, Immaculata controlled the pace for approximately the first 15 minutes as they were able to rattle off two shots and corner kicks in this time span.

However, a shot attempt off the boot of sophomore midfielder Eli Gordon changed the winds into Wilkes’ favor and allowed them to control the game.

Within three minutes of Gordon’s shot, the Colonels bombarded Immaculata’s goalie, Garrett Pepper with eight shot attempts. Sadly, none of these were successful in finding the back of the net.

After the Colonel bombardment, Immaculata made a strategic substitution in order to ice the heat of Wilkes, but alas their efforts were amiss as junior midfielder Matthew Horwedel was able to connect with senior midfielder Andrew Reichard.

“Honestly, I think we struggle when we come out. It was nice to come out and stick one to them early in the game,” said Reichard.

From there Wilkes did not relent. The Colonels maintained possession on the attacking third and continued to fire off shots. Rotations of players from offense to defense allowed the players to seamlessly attack the goal without missing a beat.

“When they are interchanging positions it’s great because it makes me feel that they have a lot of knowledge of different positions in the game,” said Piranian. “It is very helpful in case someone gets hurt or cut out of position, they are there to help them.”

With a little over 15 minutes remaining in the first half, Ryan Marr, a senior forward made strides to break through Immaculata’s defensive line. Marr’s efforts were not enough for him to merit his own goal, but his movement through the defense opened up the field for senior midfielder Danny McGinley. Marr was able to connect with McGinley to give the Colonels their second goal of the contest.

The Marr-McGinley power combo did not stop there. Five minutes later, Marr was able to connect with McGinley again for the second time, giving the Colonels their third goal of the contest.

“I think it was important because we only had one goal,” said McGinley. “We have been having trouble finishing games, so being able to get out and get three goals in the first half was big. In the beginning we were struggling, that first goal by Reichard was important. The back-to-back goals later brought the energy into the second half ”

The three big goals from the offense in the first half created a whirlwind of momentum for the defense to stand stout and shutout Immaculata.

The Colonels return to action Homecoming Weekend on Oct. 2 at 3 p.m. against FDU-Florham.

The Beacon/Ariel Reed – Andrew Reichard (left) and Matthew Horwedel chest bump in celebration of their first goal of the game.