FH: Overtime push not enough to award first win of the season

EDWARDSVILLE, Pa. — The field hockey team faced the Alvernia Golden Huskies at Schmidt Stadium this past Saturday. Alvernia took the Blue and Gold to the goal cage, winning the match 3-2 in overtime.

“The team was largely unknown going into this season as there has been two new coaches since their last competition in 2019,” said head coach Charlotte MacDonald. “The group works very hard and is anchored by very strong leadership from our upperclassmen.

“We have a lot of potential and are using our early games to test that and work out the kinks. There has already been so much growth from this group so I am excited to keep working with them making adjustments in games and practices to continue their development.”

In the first period, Alvernia put up five shot attempts, two of which were saved by sophomore goalkeeper Carly Eidle. Wilkes was not able to get any shot attempts against the Golden Huskies in the first period.

Six minutes into the second period, junior midfielder Abigail Davis was able to put up the first goal of the game and of the season for Wilkes assisted by senior Ali Dunn.

“You can not beat that feeling,” said Dunn in regards to being the team that scores the first goal. “Especially when you have been working towards that goal. It is also great to see the excitement on all your teammates’ faces.”

The Colonels put up three other shot attempts in this period, however, they were unsuccessful.

With three minutes left in the second period, Alvernia’s Makenzie Smeigh took on Eidle in the goal cage, scoring for the Golden Huskies and tying the game at 1-1. Senior center-forward and co-captain Morghan Murphy battled back and was able to attack Huskies’ goalkeeper Hannah Wolfe.

“As a center-forward, I knew once we were tied 1-1, and I needed to get one in the back of the net,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s first attempt at goal was unsuccessful; with five minutes remaining in the third period, Murphy got off another shot for Wilkes, thanks to an assist from Davis, putting them ahead of Alvernia 2-1.

A few seconds remained in the third and Alvernia’s Madison Potthoff decided they were not done with the Colonels yet and tied things up again, 2-2 right at the buzzer.

Alvernia’s defense did not allow shot attempts for the Colonels in the fourth period.

Wilkes’ Eidle had a save and there was a missed shot attempt for Alvernia. Both teams came up scoreless, sending the game into overtime.

One minute into overtime, the Golden Huskies’ Brooke Spezialetti put up a shot off of a corner and dribble that put the final score at 3-2.

“Our main goal of the game was to score goals and we successfully added two goals to the scoreboard,” said Murphy. “Along with scoring, our on-the-field communication provided informative constructive criticism, along with an equal balance of positivity.”

Moving forward, the field hockey team looks to capitalize on their current losses as a learning tool for future matches

The Colonels will be on the road for a match against Albright College tonight at 7 pm. Conference play begins on Sept. 25 against Arcadia University.

The Beacon/Ariel Reed – Senior Morghan Murphy manipulates the ball through a sea of defenders to get an open look at the goal in the first half of the contest.