AOTW Criteria

Each week, The Beacon sports staff will select both a male and female athlete of the week from the previous week (Monday-Sunday). The selection will be done at the staff’s weekly meeting (Preferably on a Monday). On selection day, the staff will select one male and one female. The staff will also select an alternate for each gender.

On Monday, the delegated individual will send an email seeking answers to a series of questions to the original athlete of the week. The athlete has 48 hours to respond to the inquiries. If they do not, the athletes will be disqualified and the alternates will be selected.

The staff will make their selection consistent with the following criteria:

  • Contributed significantly to the team during the specified time period (ie: starter or other significant role – 6th man, libero, etc…) and/or to the success of the team
  • Exhibited some/all of the following positive qualities on and off the court/field:
  • Leadership
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Commitment and loyalty
  • Work ethic
  • Ambassadorship – good representative of the sport, and of the school
  • Respect for coach, teammates, opponents and officials
  • Fair play/honor
  • Sportsmanship
  • Balancing of athletic and academic life
  • In the case where two or more athletes fulfill the criteria above equally, they may be deemed by the committee as: a) Co-winners of the award OR  b) a winner may be determined by looking at total contribution in that year to the school athletic program (ie: excelled at more than one varsity athletic program, or contributed in other ways, such as coaching, refereeing, etc…)

ONE: 9/1-9/4 (Printed on 9/12)

TWO: 9/5-9/10 (Printed on 9/19)

THREE: 9/11-9/17 (Printed on 9/26)

FOUR: 9/18-9/24 (Printed on 10/3)

FIVE: 9/25-10/1 (Printed on 10/10)

SIX: 10/2-10/15 (Printed on 10/24)

SEVEN: 10/16-10/22 (Printed on 10/31)

EIGHT: 10/23-10/29 (Printed on 11/7)

NINE: 10/30-11/5 (Printed on 11/14)