Starting a sport easy is as sending a text

Joining intramurals with ease; online system put in place

Danny Van Brunt, Sports Co-Editor

What are you waiting for? Intramural sports at Wilkes are played all year and now it is much easier to sign up.        

Stefan Thompson, the assistant men’s basketball coach, decided to change the way Wilkes students sign up for intramurals. The sign-up page is now online at

Imleagues is a website that is partnered with more 400 different countries. Thompson believes it should get more students involved with intramurals.

This way of signing up is unique because people can access the website almost like a Google Doc. Anyone can add themselves to a sport, add a team of people to a sport and recommend other sports to be played. Online sign ups should help with efficiency, schedules and rosters. Another benefit is that students can access the sign up page from their phone, and then can receive notifications about their upcoming games.          

The two sports that are available for this fall so far are flag football and soccer. The fall intramural sports tend to have a lower amount of players than in the spring. Thompson thinks there are many students busy with fall sports and many first-year students who do not know how to join. There are enough people to play these two sports so far, but it is not impossible to get another sport requested.            

“If there is a sport that you would like to play within the intramural program that is not available, contact me. If there are enough players interested, I will look into it and potentially order equipment,” Thompson said.            

Thompson recalled one year when students wanted to play field hockey in the spring. A few players originally contacted him asking what they would need to do to get the sport added to the program. Thompson told them that if they come back with about 15 people, then they would have the sport funded for them. The students came back with enough people and the equipment was ordered.

During the games, work study applicants work side by side with Thompson to help run games smoothly. Thompson focuses on site coordination and his work study applicants are usually the referees. Luke Modrovsky is considered the assistant director of intramurals because of his involvement and enthusiasm.

“I enjoy intramurals because it offers sports that can be both competitive and relaxed at the same time,” Modrovsky said.

Intramurals are important to Thompson. He enjoys watching his students getting competitive and having fun. However, the most important part to him is that the students sign up. He wants as many people as possible to sign up this year so there is always enough students to play.

To sign up go to:    

Want to add a sport? Contact: s[email protected]