‘Records are meant to be broken:’ Football record holders Trichilo and Gundersdorf speak about their time at Wilkes

Brandon Gubitosa, Sports Editor

If one were to take a look inside the Wilkes University football record book they would come across the names Brett Trichilo and Mike Gundersdorf. Trichilo graduated from Wilkes in 2005 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and currently works for Sandvik where he has been there for four years. Gundersdorf graduated from Wilkes in 1997 with a degree in communications/public relations, and currently is the director of operations for Wilkes campus in Mesa, Arizona. As the director of operations he is in charge of recruitment and day to day operations.

Running back Brett Trichilo currently holds the record for most points scored, and most rushing yards at Wilkes. From 2001-2004 he ran for 5,837 yards including a record performance against Susquehanna in 2004 rushing for 316 yards.

Wide Receiver Mike Gundersdorf currently holds the record for most receptions yards and receiving yards catching 205 passes for 3,603 yards. In a game against Juniata in 1997 he caught a school record 14 passes for 271 yards in a game that got the school national attention.

Both Trichilo and Gundersdorf when asked about their records both responded with “records are meant to broken.” When both of them arrived at Wilkes they never had any intentions of going in on breaking records. “I never looked to break records it just happened,” said Trichilo when asked about his record.

They also believe that one day their records will broken and hope it motivates someone on the team to push harder and look to break them. “I always wanted to be the best, but like every team sports you are only as good as your teammates are, and my teammates helped me break it” said Gundersdorf when asked about his record.

One thing that both of them miss about Wilkes is the friendships they had with their teammates and coaches. “My favorite memory has to be when we beat Lycoming for the MAC championship my freshman year in 1993. We beat them in the final minute of the game and it helped boost the program back up,” Gundersdorf said.

Trichilo and Gundersdorf excelled on and off the field and offered advice for college students about dealing with school. “Enjoy every day and take your time….you have the rest of your life to work so you should take time to figure out what you really want to do,” said Trichilo.

“Make sure you find balance in your schedule and learn outside of the classroom by engaging in different social groups and clubs,” Gundersdorf said. Gundersdorf encourages athletes “not to let athletics control that you are.”

One day someone will break the records Gundersdorf and Trichilo have and until then they are honored to hold their respective records. Unfortunately both Gundersdorf and Trichilo will not be in attendance at the homecoming game but will cheering on the colonels from back home.