IRHC dodgeball tournament is success

Jonathan Keer, Staff writer

Ryan Dailey and Ryan Behrmann lead their team to a dodgeball championship.

Intramural sports give students a chance to come together and compete against one another for the love of the game.

The Inter-Residence Hall Council, led by Himil Desai, organized a dodgeball tournament March 22-23 that gave students a chance to relieve some stress and have a good time playing a sport that requires little understanding to be successful in.

“I feel like everyone had a good time, and that’s all we wanted,” Desai said.

“IRHC does a good job creating events for students to go out and have fun in.”

The championship game in the tournament featured a matchup of players from the Wilkes football team.

The play of the tournament occurred when Ryan Dailey caught a pass from teammate Storm Deemer and nailed Tyheed Jackson with a blazing fast throw to the chest.

As the only man left on the floor, freshman Jerome Robinson did everything he could to help his team win the championship, but Robinson was taken out when Dailey caught him with another one of his hard throws.

“I did everything I could all day to bring my team the championship,” Robinson said. “I put the team on my back the entire tournament and it just wasn’t enough.”

The championship winners were excited following the game. Ryan Behrmann, one of the team’s stars, had much to say.

“We were the best dodgeball team in the tournament,” Behrmann. “When you try us with a sorry team like that that’s what you’re going to get.”

The championship team included Deemer, Dailey, Behrmann, Jon Conklin, Ryan Casey, Michael Frendak and Nick Brady.

IRHC runs events like this throughout the year. It is teamed with Wilkes Programming board looking for musicians for the school’s BBQ April 26.