Getting to Know: Tyler Jackson

Wilkes point guard Tyler Jackson

Al Azad

Wilkes point guard Tyler Jackson

JT Keer, Staff Writer

Tyler Jackson is the freshman point guard for the Wilkes University Colonels. He wears No. 1 and is a key asset to the future of Wilkes basketball. Jackson has been in double figures three times so far this season and has been a major contributor to the team. He is a psychology major out of Cresskill High School. At Cresskill, Jackson was a three-year letter winner who averaged 9.9 points, 7.0 assists, and 5.1 rebounds in his senior year. During the offseason, he played soccer and ran track for his school.

Why did you choose to come to Wilkes?

I chose to come here to play for my coach, I like our program and I like the sense of family here with my team.

What are the goals you have that you hope to accomplish in your four years here in basketball?

I try not to set individual goals for basketball. I just want to win more than anything else and in the process try to be the best player I can.

How about with school?

I’ve really gotten into my major, which is psych, and I want to focus on getting a good internship so I can open doors for what I study and not have to switch majors.

That’s awesome. You wear No. 1, has that always been your number or did you have that number all throughout your career?

It’s not actually my number, this is the first year. I would have preferred 11 or 3 but Alec and Craig have those.

What’s your favorite part about playing point guard?

To be honest it’s passing the ball. I’ve always tried to get my teammates involved first and just keep the ball moving. I would take an assist over a basket any day and I feel like good passing is contagious.

Who’s your favorite player on the team to get the ball to when they’re open?

I can’t choose anyone specifically. It depends entirely on where guys are on the court. Alec and Steve are tied anywhere behind the 3 point line. Ha-ha probably two of the best shooters I’ve ever played with.

So who is your favorite basketball player of all time?

Easily James Harden.

Why’s that?

He just glides on the court and makes scoring look so easy. I always try to keep a similar aggressive mentality from watching him.

Are the Rockets your team then?

Yeah, no question, ha-ha. Most entertaining team to watch with Harden and Parsons.

Can they win the West?

Not even the slightest chance. KD and the LA Clippers are way too good.

What are the most points you ever scored in a game?

I put up 47 in an AAU game the summer of my junior year in High School. It was seriously just one of those nights where the basket looks huge and every shot just feels good. Never scored anywhere near there since but that was definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played.

That’s crazy. What’s your biggest achievement in high school?

Taking home the state championship my junior year. I watched the seniors do it my freshman year but didn’t see the court, I guess finally being given that chance to play and earning a ring of my own was a special moment in high school for me.


That’s awesome. What high school did you go to?

I went to Cresskill HS in north Jersey, a really small school. I only had 120 kids in my class tops. Football’s the main sport there so most of my recruitment came from AAU. We never played anyone crazy in High School.

You play any other sports in high school?

I played soccer my sophomore year and ran track as a senior. I wish Wilkes had a track program, it was probably one of the best seasons of my life, ton of fun.

They might be getting a track team for spring 2015 would join?

Ha-ha I’d be the first guy in line. Track is an incredible thing to do both mentally and physically. Probably would run the 100, 200, and the triple jump if they let me choose.

What’s been your favorite moment so far of your freshman season?

Probably the first half we played against Marywood. It was the first game I ever started here and that game gave me a lot of confidence and really made me feel like I belonged.

What’s been the biggest victory for your team this year?

The first game in the conference against Misericordia. It was a full team effort to go out there and grab one. It went into OT and we toughed it out in the end. Great win for us to open up conference play.

What do you think you guys gotta do to get back on track?

I think we just all need to fully buy into coach and his philosophies and strategies. He’s a great coach and the reason that all of us are here. He’s made a name for himself at this level and we just need to trust him and be a little more patient with the offense. We’re Talented but we’ve been jumping the gun on offense and just little things we can fix that’ll go a long way.