Athlete of the Week: Tori Kerr


What position are you?
I’m midfield, I’m center, and sometimes I do the draw to start off the game.

Do you like doing the faceoff?
I was definitely nervous in the beginning of the season, I was like “Oh my god I’m a little freshman they are going to body me.” Definitely with the practice I am getting better at it so I feel better about it.

What made you chose Wilkes University?
I heard about it and I was on BERECRUITED.COM and I really wanted to play lacrosse in college but I wasn’t sure. So I got an email from Cami the head coach and I checked out the school and I loved it, automatically. I saw the campus and I knew I liked it.

Why Lacrosse?
That’s a good question because I just started my ninth grade freshman year in high school and the program just came to my high school, because normally I played soccer and basketball. But I said “I’m going to try lacrosse.” I fell in love with it, it was awesome.

What was the difference with lacrosse from soccer and basketball?
It’s a lot harder because you have to really practice; obviously it’s hard catching a ball in that little net on the end of a stick. I just thought, “Wow this is hard but I’m going to try.”

When you’re out there on the field what’s the feeling?
Well it’s a different feeling from any other sport I played. As soon as I picked it up I was pretty quick with it because I’m athletic but it was definitely harder but I liked that because I had to put more work into it. It wasn’t like kicking a ball or dribbling a ball, it takes a lot of practice but it was good.

Do you have any pregame ritual?
Not really, I just kind of go out there.

Do you listen to music before games?
Yeah in our locker room actually we blare music so everyone gets pumped up. I never really used to do that in high school but it definitely works.

What do you normally listen to?
We listen to rowdy, really loud or techno, just stuff to get you pumped up and we jump around.

What would your playlist be?
We have a lot of hip-hop like Lil Wayne, stuff like that. We have “Turbulance,” and like, we have a lot of songs like “Go hard or go home.” “Light Work.” Stuff like that, just pretty much about putting in work.