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The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

The Beacon

The news of today reported by the journalists of tomorrow

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Meet Ryan Maloney

1.When you play hockey how does it make you feel?

When I step on the ice it is a feeling like no other, I love every moment

2.How does the team feel about being a new team at Wilkes?

2011 Hayden Learner started it and got all the funding for it but then he left for some odd reason, so now I am the president of the club. We just want a name for ourselves and want people to know who we are

3.What Position do you play and what are your responsibilities at this position?

I play Defense and the main job is to clear the punk and react to the goalie. Number 1 rule is never throw the puck back up the middle of the ice

4.What is your major and what are you looking to do with it?

I’m a psychology major with studies in neuroscience. I plan to go to physical therapy grad school

5.What do you love most about Wilkes University?

I live around here but I met a lot of friends very easily. It was easy to adjust to the size of the school. I love going to class and having the teachers know my name.

6.When playing hockey what is your most memorable moment?

That’s a toss up between two moments one being when my friend Joe dropped his stick and couldn’t pick it up so he just left it there on the ice. Another one being when I scored 4 goals in 1 game to win it for my team.

7.What motivates you to keep playing and do good in school?

I study really hard to get a good job for my good future. I want to make a lot of money. I am the 2nd person in my family to have a college degree.

8.What is the best thing about having this new team?

My favorite thing is bringing kids together that would probably never meet if it wasn’t for this club. Everyone is from different backgrounds and majors. We are creating a new identity for our school. Everyone says oh there’s the football players, the field hockey team, but now people will says oh there’s the hockey team.

9.If you could choose one word to describe yourself what would it be and why?

Responsible- for keeping the club together and caring about the team

10. Before a big game what do you eat to get yourself ready?

Craft Mac & Cheese faces, I can’t eat the noodles only faces

11.What is your greatest strength?

I am the captain of the team so i would have to say leadership

14.Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully a doctor in physical therapy

16.Do you have any lucky charms?

I always wear the same Under Armor every game

17.What are your other hobbies when you’re not playing hockey?

I play X-Box NHL13 and Call of Duty. I also love brewing/reviewing my own beer

18. What is your biggest goal in for Wilkes?

For Wilkes to have a division 3 hockey program