Baseball Season Starts Right

Delisia Washington, Staff writer

The College World Series is the goal at the tip of their bats and the Wilkes Colonel Baseball team has led a successful season thus far to achieve it.

The men did not have to bat the cold winter elements of Pennsylvania. They started the baseball season in warm South Carolina, where they played 7 games and came out 6-1 (W-L).

They played one game since returning to Pennsylvania and kick-started their  journey to The College World Series, 1-0. The conference game was against Kings College bringing the Colonels to 7-1.

The Colonels baseball team reigned victoriously against Staten Island, Emerson, Penn State Harrisburg, Penn State Berks and King’s College, with one loss to Catholic University of America.

“It’s early and we still got a tough schedule ahead of us and this weekend we play the No. 1 ranked team in the conference, DeSales,” Head Coach Matt Hollod said.

The ball was not flying in favor of the Colonels in that March 22 conference game. They lost to DeSales 8-21 leaving the team 1-1 in conference, but they still have the opportunity to redeem themselves in the March 23 game against DeSales.

The guys keep an open mind and stay in good spirits as they base their success on the love of the game rather than their wins and losses.

“Coach Hollod, Coach Shepple and Coach Galella have us all playing the game the right way and that has resulted in success so far,” Pitcher Angelo Trento said.


Off the diamond, the team is taught the concept of respect.

If they have respect for the team, game and opponents, “that ball will bounce in our favor,” Trento said. “Winning The College World Series would be the icing on the cake.”

Angelo Trento has a 1.93 ERA (earn run average). “Opponents are only hitting 176 off of him,” Hollod said.

The team’s strengths this season rests mostly in their pitching ability and clutch 2-out base hits. Hollod said there is always room for improvement in their defense.

“I think that our team is an all around team so, we have strengths everywhere,” Pitcher Tyler Schmitt said.

Dan Pisanchyun  is hitting 556, Bobby Schappell is hitting 455 and the team batting average is 328.

“On the pitching side, Tyler Schmitt has not given up a run in 3-innings and 3-saves. And good starts out if Patrick Condo, who had one start in 6-innings and 8-strike-outs,” Hollod said.


“I think the season has been going pretty good so far,” Schmitt said.