Super Bowl Superstitions and Traditions

Frank Passalacqua, Sports editor

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Say the words Super Bowl, and everyone instantly thinks about all the food and snacks they had during the game. It has become such a memorable tradition to people that some even think it should be considered a holiday.

Everyone has seen those fancy football-related foods floating around the Internet, with stadiums replicated with cheese and chips, or the cool sandwich displays for their favorite team. Food is such a big part of the Sunday night that it is almost hard to forget what you did for each year.

With tradition comes superstition. Bud Light has commercials portraying fans doing something funny in hopes their team will win, and it actually works. Labels out, special couch positions or even special socks are all rituals that people will do in these commercials for their team. Everyone does his or her own thing, making each story unique to that special Sunday in February.

“If the Jets were in the Super Bowl, then it’d be the same as any Sunday. We all have special seating arrangements where I’m in the middle. I have to be next to both Jets fans, or we won’t win. The more I wear, the better: pajama pants, t-shirt, jersey and socks, all Jets. But for Super Bowl in particular, we usually get subs, pizza and wings and have a bunch of people over to watch it.” Trevor Skene, sophomore engineering major.

“Snacks, a bunch of snacks. Soda, wings, buffalo dip and chips … everything. I usually pick a team if the Steelers aren’t in it, but when the Steelers are, I always wear my jersey.”  Ryan Foster, sophomore engineering major.

“My dad usually gets these massive subs from Wegmans and we all just watch the game and eat lots of food. I don’t really have many superstitions, but I do have a Colts blanket.” Lucas Buffington, sophomore engineering major.

It’s certain that all the local grocery stores and fast food places around town make out pretty good for the day. Pizzeria delivery boys will be traveling non-stop and from the sound of most people, chickens will be in fear for their lives.

For the fan of any team in the Super Bowl, though, not even the great food can distract them from the intense moments. While most enjoy their abundance of snacks and drinks with family and friends, what do you do?


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