Getting to know Devin Dunn

Evan Willey, Staff Writer

As the men’s basketball team is going through their 2012-13 season, we would like to take time out of their busy game schedule and introduce freshman Devin Dunn to the team. He is very busy with studying biology here at Wilkes and experiencing a college sport. Growing up he learned everything he knew about basketball from his father and we can only assume he is very proud of him as he shows off his skills here at Wilkes.

What is your most memorable moment while playing this sport?
My most memorable moment while playing basketball was my junior year in high school when we went into double overtime verse our rival team. It was for Staten Island Champions. At the end of regulation my teammate drained a 3 three *********wait what? ********* to send it to overtime then in double overtime. We shut them out 9-0 and we were champions!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration is my father. He played Division I basketball at Manhattan College. He won a city championship in 1983. He taught me all I know and he is the reason I love this game so much.

How long have you been playing?
I’ve been playing basketball since kindergarden

Have you ever received any awards? What are they?
Named 2012 MVP and recipient of Steve Hagis Award … Member of the Colorado High School Activities Association All-Division team … Third Team New York Post All-Staten Island … Co-Champions of State Island Catholic High School Athletic Association in 2010-11

Are you superstitious when you’re in game mode?
Yes, I always have to put my left sock and shoe on first.

What do you eat/drink before a game?
Always eat carbs the night before. Right before the game I drink a Frappachino and a bottle of water.

How do you like Wilkes? What’s your favorite part of being here?
I love Wilkes. My favorite part about being here is being on the basketball team and having the experience of playing a sport in college. Also, it’s my favorite part because all the kids on the team are cool and I enjoy playing with them.

How is it being a new student in a new school and dealing with playing a sport?
I think being on a team as a new student is helpful because a lot of people know who I am already and also when I got here it was easy to make friends with the kids on the team right away. Also it helps me manage my time, I feel like if I wasn’t on the team I would have too much down time I would loose track of time and mess up in school.

What is your favorite sports icon?
My favorite sports player is Russell Westbrook. He inspires me to bring the intensity to the team that I do because he is one of the most intense players in the NBA right now. Also his personality is great and I try to be like him on and off the court.

What is your biggest goal in life?
My biggest goal in life is to open my own successful dental practice and have a family, wife and 2-3 kids.

How do you like the people you met on your team? Are you close with them?
I love all the kids on my team. I would go to war with any of them. I am very close with all them and they are the reason I like playing for Wilkes so much.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
In the next five years I see myself in dental school. I want to be working as well though. Also I hope to have won a ring here at Wilkes for winning the MAC conference and maybe more.

What do you miss about home the most?
I miss being around my family and my mom’s Italian cooking.

What’s your major and what are you looking to do with it?
My major is biology (pre-dentistry). I expect to open a successful dental practice.

What are some of your lucky charms?
I always wear my dad’s fire department shorts under my uniform.