Golf team finishes with a record of 1-3 and finishes 7th in MACs

Stephanie Hahn, Correspondent

Having only three matches this season, the Colonels may have not finished with the most ideal record but they didn’t lose by much. Also having a lot of improvements form last year gave the players something to be proud of.

Finishing second in the King’s/Scranton tri-match, Wilkes shot a 338, but University of Scranton beat both Wilkes and King’s shooting 308. Jeremy Nolt and Michael Daubert both shot seven over par.

Wilkes met Scranton again for a match-up but Scranton came out on top again with a score of 302-362. Wilkes also fell in home debut to Misercordia shooting a 386 but it wasn’t enough Misercordia shot a 335.

The Colonels’ last match was cancelled due to weather. Wilkes then went on to Hershey for the championship where they placed 7th. In the first round, the Colonels shot a total of 364 round two of the event they shot a total of 371.

Anthony Gagliostro placed 24th by shooting 94 in round two and a combined total of 176 in the contest. Michael Daubert placed 28th in the contest having a team low in round two of 85 and a total of 180 in the two days.

“We may have not won the championships but we are very proud of how we finished and maybe next year we can do better,” junior Michael Daubert said.

Wilkes golf team is looking to improve even more next year and place better in the championships. Having a lot of returning talent will help the Colonels do better next year and through using the off-season to practice and get further nest season. The Colonels hope to finish with all wins next season.