Women’s tennis looks ahead for spring

Michelle Coyle, Assistant Sports Editor

The 2012 season for the women’s tennis team here at Wilkes University couldn’t be better. Working hard in the fall, preparing for the main spring season, the team looked strong and had great chemistry. In order to make a great season happen, everyone on the team needs to “click.” And the girls did just that.

With strong returners coming back, they were really looking forward to the season. Also, the team was able to bring in a lot of freshmen who show a lot of potential. They all inspire each other, and push each other to their limit just to succeed their goal. If everyone stays healthy, they will be a team to watch out for. 

Senior Melanie Nolt had nothing but positive things to say about how the team is looking so far.

“I couldn’t be happier for everyone,” Nolt said. “We have been playing amazing in tournaments and really holding our ground against tough competition.”

To succeed, you need to be able to work together. Nolt said that means focusing more on everybody else, rather than yourself. To be a team player, you need to support everyone when they need help, and cheer them on when they’re playing good.

“A true team is supportive on and off the court!” Nolt said. “And that’s exactly what we have. Family.”

As the fall season starts to wind-up, the team can look back proud and hold their heads high. Coming off of a strong fall, the training and getting ready for the spring season should just give the team an even bigger drive to be better. The girls are looking forward to a great upcoming spring season.