Faceoff: The NFL is officially a mess

The NFL is officially a mess; see what I did there?

Last year when the players failed to reach an agreement with the CBA, the lockout had fans all across the country scared out of their minds. What could be worse than no football? Well, I’ll tell you what…replacement refs.

This year, the NFL finds themselves in a similar situation as last season. Instead, 2012 brings a feud between the league and the referees. What it all comes down to is money. The refs want more dough and the league doesn’t want to budge. As a result, the NFL is left with horrible excuses for replacement refs.

First off, the referees calling a game on Sunday are far from knowing how the NFL runs. Most of them are from Division III colleges, like Wilkes, or they’re just an average Joe. In fact, referee Jim Core is an every day eight-grade geography teacher!

If any fan or an occasional viewer has sit down and watched a full game so far this season, they will surely see a difference in what is going on. It’s not too uncommon for players, coaches, or announcers to disagree with a call, but this trend of missed calls or just completely pointless flags are starting to ruin the image of the game.

You know something is wrong when during a game when you hear the announcers laugh and pick a part what the ref thinks he knows.

Not only are penalties becoming a problem, but these refs simply can not keep control of the players, and that is a bad sign. I have never seen more fights break out in a season than I have so far in just two weeks. For instance, during the Philadelphia Eagles vs Baltimore Ravens matchup, the game was stopped a total of six times due to fighting. No players were ejected, and the penalties given off-set, giving the teams no consequences for their actions.

If the referees don’t step up and gain control, it will be out of their hands before they know it.

I am not saying the league is right by not giving the real refs their money, but it really is just getting ridiculous. NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell obviously sees what is going on on Sundays, so unless he wants the games to become a mutual joke to the teams, he better make a move.

On the bright side, at least the refs have now learned to face the camera while giving a call…