Athlete of the Week: Meet Ryan Joyce

Meet Ryan Joyce
, a sophomore defender for the Wilkes University men’s soccer team. Ryan hails out of Warminster, Pennsylvania (right outside of Northeast Philadelphia)
. Fresh out of Archbishop Wood, Ryan earned himself a starting role on the team as only a freshman.   Accounting Major. He is All Catholic honors, Captain of PIAA state runner up and the District 12 champion
. With Colonels like this, it is no doubt the team is headed in the right direction.

1.When did you first start playing soccer and why? 
 My parents got me enrolled around the age of 5 because they wanted to get me involved in a sport. They figured soccer would be a good start, because other neighborhood kids were already on the team.

2. How is the game different from high school to college
? The game isn’t too different talent wise, it’s just a lot quicker and faster. It also requires a lot more dedication to staying conditioned and fit.

3. What makes it give it your all from week to week
? It’s the little things that make us pursue the ultimate goal of winning a MAC championship. We all understand that even if we take one week off, that can be the difference between a championship or not.

4. What is the hardest part about being on the team
? Fun Fridays or conditioning we receive after having a day off. I know in the long run it’s going to better us, but I dread those practices.

5. What was your proudest moment on the field? My proudest moment had to be my first game. Coach put me in the starting lineup and I was really nervous, but all of the guys were there for support and really had my back. It was a great feeling to experience.

6. What is one game you’ll never forget?
  The game against Arcadia was probably my most memorable game. It was an intense game that had a lot of red and yellow cards and a season ending injury to our goalie Dave Marr. Even though the game was out of control, we all showed good character and made sure we looked out for each other.

7. What made you decide to major in accounting? My dad and other family members are CPA’s and accountants, so I figure it would be a smart decision to follow into their occupation.

8. Any specific job you would love to hold in life? There isn’t a specific job that I would love to have, I just want to enjoy what I do and hope that I look forward to work everyday.

9. What pro soccer players do you admire and look up to? I’d have to say that my favorite player is the Bayern Munich defender Philipp Lahm. Every time I watch him play I always try and mimic his style on the field.

10. Describe to us your pre-game ritual
? I usually prefer to stay loose and joke around with some players. I get nervous and anxious pretty easily, so I find it easier to just relax and enjoy the game.

11. What kind of music gets you pumped up before games?
 I always listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers before the games and sometimes house music. I just need something with a fast beat to it, because it helps me focus on the game but not get too nervous.

12. Is it hard balancing school work with games and practice?
 I actually find it easier to do schoolwork during soccer season, because when your constantly busy you manage time a lot better and eliminate procrastination.

13. What is your biggest source of inspiration? My family is by far my biggest inspiration. It means the world to me when I see my dad at every game, knowing that it can be a two-hour drive or more. Every time I walk on the field I know that I want to play to my full potential and represent my last name in a positive way. Family is everything to me.