Wilkes softball drops doubleheader

Serena Molyneux, Assistant Sports Editor


Wilkes’ women’s softball team the hosted Lebanon Valley Dutchmen in a doubleheader Thursday, in a non-conference game.

The Colonels fell short twice against the Dutchman.

In the first game, Lebanon Valley took a 3-0 lead in the first inning. Visiting Dutchman Allie Hartman had a two-run homer. Lebanon Valley earned two more runs, making it a 5-0 lead in the third.

Wilkes’ sophomore pharmacy major Kait Brown led off the inning with a single and made it home from an RBI double from sophomore pharmacy major Jordan Borger.

The Colonels made an attempt to come back against Lebanon Valley’s 6-1 lead. Junior psychology major Jessalyn Paveletz had an RBI single, which scored the Lady Colonels two runs in the fifth inning.

Wilkes didn’t score any runs in the last two innings, making the final score of  game one 6-3, Lebanon Valley with the victory.Lebanon Valley continued to dominate the scoreboard in game two.

The Dutchman scored four runs in the first inning and added another four in the second, which kept the Dutchman in the lead 8-0 at the end of the third.

Visiting Dutchman Hartman had a second homerun of the night, adding three more runs to the scoreboard, while Lady Colonel Borger scored the lone run making the end of game two, 11-1 victory for the Dutchman.

The Wilkes Women Softball record is 4-8 overall for the season.

The Lady Colonels hit the road to play Manhattanville College in the Freedom Conference on Saturday.